Times Sq.


If there's one 'thing' that leaves no place for discussion in New York City it's Times Square. You either love it or hate it. I remember coming to NY for the first time in 2013 and visiting that place one night, with just a vague idea about it. While coming back to the hotel, all I could think was "I'm not sure that's the city I wanna live in for the next year". Barely would I know NY is so much more than that, but still, I would have to walk around it everyday to get to school, cursing all the tourists in front of me.

Yesterday, however, a class with the photographer Natan Dvir forced me to spend three hours at that crazy place and, for a little while, I actually calmed down and enjoyed the experience.

Although street photography is not really my thing, I did my best not to shy away from people and even got the chance to practice some of my poor spanish, since I decided to observe closely those workers that wear insanely hot costumes, posing for pictures in exchange for tips.