End of a cycle


In september 2013 I left my home country, Brasil, to come New York to study photojournalism in one of the best schools I've heard of. I had lots of project ideas and couldn't be more excited to start something new. Today I can barely believe eight months have passed and I'm about to graduate the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography program at ICP... feels good to look back.

This was one of the first images I made in the city with my, then, brand new camera. The scavenger hunt was our first assignment and I remember being on the street, super shy as usual, photographing that wall, when this couple came in and the guy, trying to impress the girl, asked if I wanted to photograph them, pulling her towards him and giving her a kiss.

I remember thinking that that was a very "new york" thing to happen: strangers just posing for me, wanting to be shown in some way. I was happy and grateful to be here just like this girl in the picture, full of future ahead.