A personal assignment, shooting the harvest


I was never much of a nature person, choosing always the city versus spending time at a farm, for example. My mom would always say "you can't be my daughter" for that, but this past week I proved her and myself wrong and I could know better where I come from and my family origins, besides learning more about the coffee itself.

On assignment, I went for the first time to photograph the coffee harvest in Guaxupé - MG for two days, when I was able to talk to the workers, who pick manually the coffee from 7 am to 4 pm on week days and til 11 am on Saturdays. Some of them work there for more than 10 years and one man, Messias, who recognized me by my similarity with my dad, knew more about my great grandfather than me.

In two beautiful sunny days, I truly fell in love with the place, the nature, the people there and shooting went easy even for a shy person like me. I found out I genuinely get comfortable when I'm able to present myself and talk, having the proper time to make people comfortable too.

To see the pictures for the original assignment done for Bloomberg, click here.