A Change is gonna come


Rita's life is about to change. Mine too. I'm scared, thrilled, nervous and very, very excited. Rita is not so much. For 88 years, her life was in New York, while I lived all my life in my home country, except for an intense and much crazy year and a half in the "capital of the world", as they say.

Even tho she claims she's used to changes, having lived in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and in many different apartments before settling in the co-op Penn South, in Chelsea, Rita's body is speaking for her, in a sickness entering it's forth week with doctors saying there's nothing particularly wrong with her. Perhaps her unconscious is suffering from moving away from the Empire State Building, but Rita will move to Georgia, Atlanta, being closer to her son and with having more people to take care of her and help her through the hardness of growing old.

I guess is just never easy, no matter which phase you are. Life changes all the time and we have to change with it.